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Shuk Rental Marketplace


UX/UI Designer




Overview & Discovery 

Shuk Rental Marketplace is an online listing app whose focus is to illustrate and promote available rental homes in your nearby area, state, etc.


The leadership at Shuk Rental asked several designers to come up with a better user interface and potentially a better user experience when it comes to interacting with listings, finding information, etc. 

Why a more improved UI?


Simple. The spacing, kerning, and guidelines were off and not standard for all devices. It seems that their app hasn't been updated or refreshed for some time. Many of the buttons were too large for the recommended and standard size. Others were too small and caused some usability issues when interacting with the app.


At that point I recommended a bit more of just a UI refresh since there were a few red flags and basic UX practices. Since this is a listing app, the flow was already there; however, there may have been a few extra steps for the user to take before getting the contact information for the property manager or owner. Not bad, but fewer taps mean a better experience and fewer "bounces" or "non-interest" from the users. 

I decided to go the extra mile with this particular project as it was more of a contest between designers to see who won the bid. I designed more than just a flow, but also a more enhanced user interface that was consistent with what the industry had to offer in that particular industry.  Below is the current state of the app compared to the revised UI and UX that I presented to stakeholders. 

Landing Screen.jpg
details estate.jpg
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