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Mindful Nanny Care


UX/UI Designer, Web Developer & Brand Designer




Mindful Nanny Care is a holistic nanny agency with your child's emotional well being and safety comes first.

Mindful Nanny Care provides top care to families at an approachable price. Every family deserves a loving, safe nanny who puts their children's needs first. 


All Nannies are screened, vetted, certified, and undergo a background check. Aside from the basics, they work to match  with a nanny that fits parenting style and overall outlook to make for a harmonious match.

The Problem

The goal of Mindful Nannies Care is to rebrand and expand to California audience by the end of 2021.

It was important to have an online presence and a website that displayed satisfaction and a positive experience during the discovery process. The following challenges were encountered during the introduction of the project:

  • Seeking a top target location for the business

  • Data on previous designs or users not available 

  • Beginning the project, only competitor analysis was provided

Research & Discovery

In this project, the business owner provided very little information. Business analysis and competitor matrix were the only items provided by an internal marketing team. Despite this being good information to begin the discovery and research phase, we needed to dig a bit deeper into the business goals, website needs, and personas that this business aimed to reach. 

To begin with, we asked the business owner about the purpose, functions, and features of the website. During meetings, responses were collected via a Google form to understand better from our end as designers the business vision and experience intended.This project didn't require as much UX research and data collection as others because of the needs of the business and its scope of work, so we were able to refine the competitor analysis provided and perfect the user audience personas that match the business.


 By using personas, we were able to streamline the UX process and move forward with UI design at a faster pace than we would have otherwise.

Audience, User Personas

Click to expand the persona image for a better view.

Ideation & Design

After gathering the data and meeting with the business owner, I began visualizing the website's structure and layout. Due to the simplicity of the website navigation, no much time was spent on deciding a layout, since the objectives were to have similarity with other companies offering the same service.

As a result of the wireframe, I was able to get a quick sense of how the layout would work and how to play around with design concepts.


Having a layout in mind, I created 2 designs for the website's visuals

Home Page Concept #1.png
Home Page Concept #2.png

Ultimately, both design options were combined to form the final design. Since I have to redesign the branding and logo as well, the colors and tone have changed slightly.

Home Page Concept V.2.png
Mobile V2.png
Home Page Concept #1.png
Home Page Concept #2.png


In designing a website that connects families with experienced, trustworthy caregivers, we are nurturing children's well-being and development. It was our vision to build a website that reflected the needs and aspirations of parents, who entrust their precious little ones to devoted caregivers.


As part of the design process, we embraced the principles of user-centric design, listening to the users, understanding their challenges, and answering their concerns about what they want to find while browsing this kind of website.

Key insights and takeaways:

User-Centered Approach: We aimed to provide an intuitive and empathetic online experience that addresses the concerns and requirements of parents seeking the best possible care for their loved ones.

Versatility in Care: We recognized the diversity of family structures and unique scheduling needs, like those of Emily, and tailored our services to provide flexible childcare solutions.

Safety and Trust: Building a sense of safety and trust was paramount in our design. We incorporated rigorous caregiver screening and transparent communication channels to nurture this trust.


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