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UX/UI Designer




VPCA is a design agency that provides small and mid-sized businesses with  websites and branding services.

In addition to web design and development, the agency also offers branding, brand photography, videography, and digital marketing.


Locally, the agency is known for its individualized and customized services. It also offers internal services and counts several out-of-country accounts.With the growth of the agency's clientele, the workload also increased, and so did the necessity to keep track of tickets.

The Problem

VPCA started to grow at a very fast pace. Since the agency has increased the number of accounts, it believes it is easier for agency account managers to debug and scrum an app that allows users to submit tickets and requests based on their subscriptions.

Upon joining this project, I found the agency had done a good job defining its users and personas, which vary from small business owners to out-of-state corporations.

These are the things the agency wants its users to be able to do


  • The ability to submit tickets based on their membership, whether it is for website maintenance, social media management, etc.


  • Check the status of a ticket, whether it has been submitted, is in progress, etc.


  • The latest news and updates from the agency can be found here.

At the beginning of the project, it was said that there may be some time and staff limitations. The agency wanted the app released in two phases. First release will allow users to log in, submit tickets, and view agency updates.

The second phase of the app allowed users to track their ticket submission progress.


Initially, I focused on ideation, UX, and design for the first phase, which involves login, ticket submission, and the agency updates. 

Research & Discovery

As I began this project, there were certain details I already knew, such as the agency's business, purpose, background, etc, so these details helped me be a step ahead of the research process.

We began the research process by gathering all of the agency's data about their clients' needs and pain points.

Here's some of the information provided to me by the agency's account managers. 

  • Over 55% of agency clients don't respond to emails or phone calls, according to collected data. In addition, they communicate timely with their account managers through social media channels and texts.

  • The majority of clients dislike submitting tickets over email since they don't have time for it.


  • Clients have expressed a request for a more efficient way to submit or notify the agency about updates or tickets based on their subscription.

Through digesting this information, I gained a deeper understanding of the users. Because of their busy schedules, they cannot send emails on the go. In the end, they run small- to-medium-sized businesses. The app's purpose and function were simple enough, allowing users to easily submit tickets or claims for specific services offered by the agency. Although the agency plans to push profile and "live" ticket statuses in the future, the first goal was to create an MVP of a simplified version of the app to get clients' attention. 

To match the app's functionality to the needs of their users, the second step involved gathering data about their users and personas. My team of 6 account managers helped me compare, contrast, and isolate the top  personas that identify the agency's ideal customer and its potential need for the app with the help of 6 account managers.

Audience, User Personas

Click to expand the persona image for a better view.

Ideation & Design

In lieu of allowing users to submit tickets by service, we wanted to provide a layout without distractions.


In lieu of allowing users to submit tickets by service, we wanted to provide a layout without distractions. As the first phase of the app does not include profile screens and ticket status, so the user can only submit tickets and see updates from the agency.

preview app-login.gif
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In our journey to develop and introduce our ticket submission app, we've reached a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering exceptional marketing services to our valued clients.

Through the lens of our user personas—we've gained invaluable insights into the needs, preferences, and challenges of the agency's clients. The pain points they encounter, such as time constraints, communication inefficiencies, and budget management, have driven us to create an app that seeks to alleviate these burdens.

This app aims to provide solutions that: 

  • Streamline Ticket Requests: We understand that time is of the essence for our busy clients. The app simplifies the process of submitting requests, ensuring that clients that can efficiently convey their needs, even amid demanding schedules.

  • Enhance Communication: Effective communication is at the heart of successful collaboration. The app facilitates clear and timely interactions between our team and clients, fostering transparency and keeping projects on track.

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