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Pantex Inc


UX/UI Designer & Web Developer


Figma, JS, Velo


Pantex is known for its gold standard steroid antibody production and has been providing hospitals, laboratories, and diagnostic manufacturers worldwide with quality endocrine immunodiagnostic tools for 50+ years. The high standards, integrity, and scientific expertise of Dr. Garza and his team move Pantex forward through the 21st century.

Pantex wanted to move away from their traditional look. In order to keep up with the competition, they needed a user experience that was easy to use and simple, with a modern aesthetics approach.

The Problem

  • For over 50 years, Pantex has been in business, but their online presence and navigation experience have kept them from being recognized as pioneers.

  • Their website was outdated and lacked a defined structure to locate their solutions. The company needed a website that provided scientists and experts with an intuitive wayfinding experience.

  • Redesigning Pantex's website and improving product wayfinding was the obvious solution to raise awareness and get back into the market.

Research & Discovery

Being a member of the scientific community is not an easy job. Before any digital asset goes online, every piece of information needs to be triple-checked. As a UI/UX designer, this was an important challenge for me.

Due to its primary audience being a scientific community, this website's vocabulary and terminology need to reflect those standards. By doing so, the audience could relate and better understand how things flowed and what they encountered while navigating. My partner in this project is Phillipe Garza, a business expert in antibody production. He's also Pantex's director of business development.

Together, we gather data to create their website personas. The experience was great for me since it was my first time developing personas alongside a staff member of the company since this field is somewhat more challenging due to the science involved. Because of the industry type, their personas have a small window of goals and needs, so Phippe and I condensed it into a single persona/audience for the newly designed Pantex website.

Audience, User Persona


Ideation & Design

As we brainstormed about the new design and visuals, it was clear that they needed something different and an organized structure to make the user experience enjoyable.

First, we identified the information architecture to provide users with a clear path of navigation. The company had just launched new products, so it was necessary to showcase them all in detail, under categories with their respective landing pages, at the time of the kick-off of this project.

Using the below structure and content layout, I crafted a homepage that is short, sweet, and precise about the company, its services and products. The sitemap of the homepage served as a guide to the rest of the pages following the same navigation approach. 


Final design of the megamenu navigation


During the redesign of Pantex's website, our primary objective was to improve the user experience, reflect Pantex's values and expertise, and serve as a valuable resource for the audience. Our main goal was to make it easier for people to find products and get more details. By incorporating user research, collaboration, and a commitment to the end user, we have achieved this goal.

Ultimately, the new UX/UI demonstrated  innovation, clarity, and user satisfaction. The following are some of the most important challenges and opportunities we have addressed:

Streamlined Navigation: With a simplified, user-friendly structure, users can easily explore product offerings, find relevant information, and make informed decisions.

Content Enrichment: We expanded Pantex's educational resources, ensuring that users have access to cutting-edge to review and decide on products to acquire. 

User-Centric Design: We considered the user's unique needs, preferences, and challenges, ensuring that the updatedwebsite is tailored to facilitate your research, procurement, and educational endeavors.

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